Frequently Asked Questions for TV Everywhere
  1. What do I need to have to use Prism TV Everywhere?

  2. What do I do if my device is not listed on the supported devices list?

  3. How do I sign up for Prism TV Everywhere?

  4. How much does Prism TV Everywhere cost?

  5. Will any additional charges appear on my phone bill?

  6. Will downloading TV shows use my cellular data plan?

  7. If I get a new device, how do I transfer Prism TV Everywhere to it?

  8. How many devices can I use to watch programming concurrently?

  9. Can I watch live TV?

  10. Can I watch On Demand content?

  11. Can I schedule DVR recordings from my application?

  12. Can I transfer content off of my device (i.e.: to my computer)?

  13. When I try to stream a show while away from my home I receive an error message

  14. How long can I keep a show after it has been downloaded to my playlist?

  15. Will I receive a notification when a new episode has finished downloading?

  16. Can I view content I’ve downloaded when I don’t have network access?

  17. Can I download or stream content when I am outside of the US?

  18. How many programs can I download at a time?

  19. It's taking a really long time for my download to complete. What's wrong?

  20. I think the show/movie was downloaded, but I can't watch it. What's wrong?

  21. I downloaded an episode, but it's no longer on my phone. What happened to it?

  22. Where can I get Prism TV Everywhere technical support?

  23. My device is playing video, but there is now sound. How do I fix this?